Songs From The Soul

by Michael Knespel

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released December 8, 2012



all rights reserved


Michael Knespel Denver, Colorado

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Track Name: Crystal Eyes
Crystal Eyes

Looking out over the ocean the sea
Cherry red day fallin’ oh how could it be
Lights begin to sparkle in the ponderous westward sky
To say hello and yet to say goodbye

Water grabbing onward and taking the earth from me
As if to say that time is confined oh can’t you see
Seagulls floating upward in the coastal winds to fight
Higher and higher to reach those neon lights (of those)

Crystal Eyes upon the horizon (Those)
Crystal Eyes upon the horizon
Oh and I will keep you, I will treat you, til’ the morning light
Oh and I will cherish, you’re the parish in the air tonight

Inbetween the soothing sands and the brightly lighten stars
People headed home it’s closing time for bars
Not even a notice of the picture plain in sight
Not even a stare at the painting of the night (Of those..)

CH – 2X’s

Solo – 8 measures

CH 3X’s – then vamp

You’re in the air tonight

Michael Knespel copyright 2000 (2011)
Track Name: Kiowa Drive
Kiowa Drive

Lookin back, take a dive, Want a ride down Kiowa Drive
All sorts of good memories, Mr Mrs. B. were good to me

Larson’s pond, The Tree, and Freaky Frog,
Party on Wayne, through the mental fog
Ridin’ dirt bikes, 65 Ford Van
It was all part of our adolescent plan

Told the parents we were camping out
Two girls’ visit we never told them about
Campfire, talkin’ all through the night
Try to make it last, until the morning light

Keep it together, in the mind’s eye,
to the ride down Kiowa Drive
Bolin’s “Teaser” blaring down the curvy road,
And so that’s how the story is told
Track Name: Took Over
Took Over

Movin’ up the ladder, Slowly but surely
Taken all the clsses, Feelin’ burly
Took a cut from wages, to get a new start
Came a long way baby, from a vendor cart

Felt it comin’, Weather mirroring
Here comes the cutbacks, everyone’s hearing
Cash began to fall, lost that income
Someone dropped the ball….

CH –
The day they came and took over
And the sky began to turn to grey
The day they came and took over
And no one had the right to say

Clouds came rollin’ in, for the summer
Never been like this before, Oh what a bummer
Black suits came stormin’ in, there was cryin’
When they told us, that no one’s buying

Stuck there til’ 9 o’clock, just like a hostage
Someone break the lock, from the frostage
Another meeting, everyone in shock
Limited seating, just around the block


(Break with weather sounds)

CH – vamp to end
Track Name: The People, Our People
The People, Our People

It always seems that we’re in a big fight
And who is wrong and who is right
Keeping secrets wonderin’ what it will be
Blinding the truth from what we see

Everthing’s fallin’ it’s toe to toe
What to do, Where to go
Pull up the bootstraps it’s up to you
Whether it’s happy or sad, excited or blue

They don’t keep telling the people
They don’t keep telling our people
They don’t keep telling the people
They don’t keep telling our people

Everyone’s quiet figurin’ what to say
Scrapin’ by, livin’ day to day
Pondering the thought is we’ll ever get ahead
Nothing done, Nothing said

Hang tight we’re the land of the free
Baby, we have the right, we hold the key
Speak up loud, tell them we won’t give up
We’ll keep our “wine” in a little ‘ol’ cup

CH – keyboard solo 8 measures – guitar solo 8 measures

CH 2X’s and End
Track Name: Float Away
Float Away

Try to find the colors in the hues
To take away the sad ‘ole’ blues
Picture them in the mind
To the point to find
Surine in the eye

It’s the place to go for happiness bestowed
For one to see the beauty set free

Just float away to another day
To get by there’s no lies

There’s no words to say
Let’s just call it another day
Come out and play
There’s no other way

Float away, Float away, Float Away